fear of an after-school special planet

Online Dating

I’m a little disappointed in me.

Via Marisa at 3.60, Lee at Grammarpiano and Ted at Gideonse Bible.


4 thoughts on “fear of an after-school special planet

  1. Tony says:

    I found that by a few, not entirely horrible words I managed to get my rating up to an NC-17. The criteria is a little odd and I have to say, rather stupid and more than a little homophobic. Just start using the word gay a lot in your postings and it will get you right up there. As far as I can tell the rating system is based on keywords and not content. Oh, and piss and death will get you black marks too. See, it’s easy.

  2. koreanish says:

    Thanks for the help in changing my rating, Tony. And Ronny, that is amazing, butmost of what’s on dudetube is not.. written…

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