Very Brief Observation On The Year

Everyone this year, everywhere I go, is talking about James Baldwin.


7 thoughts on “Very Brief Observation On The Year

  1. koreanish says:

    Or another way of putting it might be, I think it’s interesting that so many different kinds of writers are looking to Baldwin’s work for courage in these times.

  2. lance reynald says:


    but, I’m sitting here wondering…

    why the wait.

    and even; what next.

    and, even skinny jeans can speak of something else… a society in search of a moment to break from what they all know in their hearts needs to be broken from.

    no disrespect meant in the lighthearted…


  3. Lee says:

    I actually read Baldwin for the first time this year–such is the life of a teenager who read Lord of the Rings nine times: you catch up on stuff. I wrote a poem about it, actually….interesting that you bring up courage. Hmm….

  4. koreanish says:

    Lance: I was also being light-hearted!

    Lee: Ha! Also nine times here.

    Chris: Oi. I think after Giovanni’s Room, a good place to go is the essays: The Fire Next Time, for example.

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