I Want To Hurry Home For You

My friend Shauna Seliy sent me some songs in the mail last week, something she does every so often. Here’s the playlist:

1. Nantes, Beirut
2. Slow Show, The National
3. God’s Gonna Cut You Down, Johnny Cash
4. Chinese Translation , M. Ward
5. Rain, Bishop Allen
6. Mr. November, The National
7. Starálfur (Live) , Sigur Rós
8. Feel the Pain, Dinosaur Jr.
9. Pulling Our Weight , The Radio Dept.
10. Postcards from Italy, Beirut
11. Sad Song, Au Revoir Simone
12. The Winner Is, Devotchka & Mychael Danna Little Miss Sunshine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

So, today’s dance break is a Shauna Seliy triple-header. If you don’t have her novel, When We Get There, go get it. You could buy two copies and carry one around for people who don’t have it.


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