New York B.S. (Before Starbuck’s)

Over at’s food blog I’ve got a tribute up to Cafe Bustelo.

In 1991, when I arrived to New York from San Francisco, this coffee was the coffee I saw in the homes of the people I met—ambitious, smart young artists, writers and activists who didn’t have a lot of money. It was the coffee served in the bodegas around the East Village and Brooklyn, for example, though it seemed the more I traveled the city, the more I found it everywhere. And it is still in those same kitchens and stores– it really is the coffee of New York.


3 thoughts on “New York B.S. (Before Starbuck’s)

  1. Christine says:

    This makes me wistful for coffee. Every era and place and mood has its coffee for me; Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, Peets in 1992 Berkeley, Blue Bottle in 2009 San Francisco, instant Nescafe in 1980s Seoul (maybe still). I don’t drink coffee anymore, but I’d love a whiff of Cafe Bustelo. Lovely piece, Alex.

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